A picture of Alexander Paz

I am Alexander Paz / @alexjpaz

A full stack staff software engineer for realtor.com with over seven years of experience developing professional software.

I also enjoy Music, Excercising, Gaming, and making silly apps.


📒 Cody

Cody was created out of a need to manage the large amount of git repositories that were piling up on my workstation. With the advent of micro-services and having to hop between repositories it became necassary to develop a tool that would help.

💪 Liftit

Excerising became on of my passions in my adult life when I decided to take control of my health and lost over 100 pounds. Keeping a log and viewing progression helps with motivation to keep reaching for my goals. Lifit has been an application that I have evolved over the seven years since I have begun and has been a test bed for a “personal UX testing experience”.

🦜 Polly

I started developing Polly when I was doing language learning excercises for Spanish and French. There was a gap in my excercises where I was not getting the feedback of my pronunciation and therefore I could not modify my and adapt. Polly aim to fill in that gap by providing a way to recite a phrase and playback a recording of your voice and compare it with a soundclip or speech sythesis of the same prhase.


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